The truth is that if we start to count them, we would be surprised that the main cause is always the same... GREASE.

At Bubble Brite, we value the safety of your employees and business, and kitchen fire safety starts just above your cook-top. Bubble Brite offers you a certified system of the correct right way to clean and maintain the range hood, duct-work, fans and ventilation system where dangerous grease build up can hide.

With normal use, commercial kitchen exhaust systems accumulate a flammable combination of atomized oil, fat and grease. Without regular duct cleaning, this residue can increase to become a significant fire hazard.

A simple flare-up from the cook-top can ignite the system's filters and the powerful vortex created by the exhaust fan sucks the flames into the duct system where the greasy residue can ignite. The result can be devastating for the kitchen, dangerous for staff and customers, and potentially catastrophic for surrounding businesses

In South Africa, restaurants are required by health board regulations to have their kitchen exhaust /extraction systems cleaned on a regular basis to prevent bacteria growth and potential grease fires.

Grease build up blocks the conduits, paralyzing the extraction system, leading to a reduction in the performance of the installation and an increase
in energy consumption.

Kitchen Exhaust System Complete Cleaning & Degreasing involves: