Commercial kitchens are a highly specialized fire risk environments. It is vital to protect property and people to mitigate the risk of destruction caused by kitchen fires.

Bubble Brite offers SABS approved fire equipment for your commercial kitchen.

Our range consists of

Fire Suppression Systems

This is the most crucial aspect of fire safety in a industrial kitchen is the fire suppression system. These systems automatically dispense chemicals to suppress flames and shut down the fuel or electrical supply to the nearby cooking equipment. These are required to be professionally inspected semiannually. Bubble Brite is an authorized distributor for installation and maintenance of all types of kitchen hood suppression systems.

Fire Extinguishers

Commercial kitchens where in-built fire suppression systems are not available require extinguishers for fires involving oils, grease and chemicals. These are also a statutory requirement for all kitchens and should be mounted in the restaurants for all other types of fires such as paper, wood, plastic or electrical.

Fire Extinguishers should be inspected and tagged regularly to ensure the extinguisher is charged properly by performing a chemical stir to prevent compaction of powder extinguishing agent.

Fire Alarm Systems